Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we? What can you do here? We have the answers to your most pressing questions.

1. What exactly is the She Should Run Incubator?

The Incubator is essentially a set of online courses for you to start your path to public service. Each course provides written content that will help you hone key skills you’ll want to develop as you plan a future run. It’s very likely you’re already building a solid foundation to run someday. The Incubator courses will provide thoughtful guidance on how to build upon your qualifications, networks, personal story and leadership brand through the lens of public service.You also will be connected to an online community of women who also are considering running for office. Your fellow Incubator participants will be peer-to-peer mentors who can be resources and sounding boards for one another.

If you’re a parent or a mentor for a young girl, the Incubator also includes a course for you. This course gives you a framework to help a girl in your life explore the possibilities of public service. The activities are mostly tailored to girls age 5-9, but you can modify them to make them work for you!

2. What can I expect to gain from participating?

Where you used to see barriers to running, we aim for you to see opportunities to run and serve. We envision the Incubator helping you find your unique way to start envisioning a life in public service based on your own experiences, networks, and leadership style. It is a starting point for you to gain better clarity on why and how you could run for and serve in public office. We will show you what's possible and help expand your vision and reach for your leadership.

3. How long will it take to complete?

The Incubator fits within your schedule and cuts through the noise. The 4 core courses are designed for you to complete once a week, over a 4 week period. All of the courses are self-guided and are available whenever you’re interested. A single course will probably take about 5 hours for you to complete in a week. As soon as you sign up, you’ll have access to all of the courses, so you can go through them at whatever pace works for you.

4. When do I need to sign up, and what will it cost me?

You can sign up and start participating in the Incubator now! She Should Run is offering the Incubator program at no cost to you. In return, please ask another woman to join you and consider a future run by participating in the Incubator. She can sign up here.

And if you like what you saw in the Incubator and appreciated the experience, pay it forward. Donate to She Should Run so that more women can have access to this community and platform.

5. What if I don’t know for sure when or if I’d run for office?

This isn’t your typical political training. Many trainings would drop you right into the proverbial deep end of the political pool. The Incubator instead helps you dip your toe in and get used to the water.These modules are designed to help you hone your vision of what your leadership can do in the world and in your community via public service. While we’re pretty darn sure you’ll be inspired to run someday while participating, we also know the Incubator modules and community will make you a better leader for however you decide to make an impact.

6. Will the Incubator be helpful if I want to run for office this year?

The Incubator is designed to help you start your path to politics. So it’s the beginning, not the end of your journey. When you finish the final module, be sure to check out our partners who can offer additional support and training as you become an active candidate.